All photographs presented on this website were made during my “free time”, just for non-professional fun. I am active in photography since 1990 but became really active since the purchase of a Canon Eos 300 SLR in 1999. Since then I made some investments in accessories, high quality lenses and in 2006 a digital SLR, which I am still using. My equipment is described in the next section.

I like nature photography: macro photographs, landscape panoramas and “frog perspective” wide angle photographs (using my favourite tool: the angle finder…), however buildings and people can be fun too…

Of course I like travelling to take all my pictures, but some nice light in the surroundings of Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I am living, or the combination of frogs and a macro lens in an ordinary garden pond can deliver “jungle pictures” too…

Until April 2006 I used positive and negative film, which was a quite expensive habit. Until then the colour reproduction and characteristics of film(cameras) were difficult to match by digital cameras. When I returned from Tasmania in March 2006 with 26 rolls of (difficult to obtain professional) film, I decided to invest in a “full frame” Canon Eos 5D followed up by a Canon Eos 6D Mark II in 2020 . In August 2008 I purchased a Panasonic Lumix LX-3 digital compact camera followed up by an LX-7 in 2015.

My film workflow is entirely digital: after processing I scan the photographs using a high quality film scanner and do some additional adjustments in Adobe Photoshop. I limit these adjustments to exposure optimisation, “horizon rotation”, limited retouching and cropping.

Most digital photographs are made in the “RAW” format. The RAW images are converted to .jpg or .tif using the Adobe Photoshop RAW plugin giving optimal control over exposure, detail & colour balance. Additionally I do some minor edits in Adobe Camera Raw: “horizon rotation”, limited retouching and cropping.

My photographs are “manipulation free” (except two…) and represent the real world as some of the “making of” pictures below try to show…
If you are interested in my photographs or want to use them in any publication, please contact me.